Crystal Lake Resort has facilities on 13 different remote wilderness sites. Our network of trails access more than 40 lakes. Some may be reached by ATV, while others are hike in only. Certain areas are restricted as Non-Motorized, such as Boomerang Lake and Ghost Lake. Most of the area is open to limited ATV use.

Crystal Lake

We have a beautiful lodge with four large guest rooms, a conference room and a dining room. The lodge has every modern comfort. We also have four other cabins serviced by a separate shower house. These facilities can accommodate large groups of up to 40 people during the summer, or eight moose hunters in the fall.

Greer Creek

The log home lodge here has three guest rooms with all the modern comforts, plus two additional rustic guest cabins. This is the main greeting and staging area for all our operations, and our base camp for spring bear hunts. The Greer Creek Lodge can accommodate up to six bear hunters at a time.

Paddle Lake

This cabin is by far our most popular fishing destination. The cabin is very comfortable, with the porch running right out onto the dock. Moose are often seen right from the cabin, and fish are so plentiful no one need worry about catching their limit. It is 4×4 truck or ATV accessible and can accommodate up to four fishermen or two hunters at a time.

Holler Lake

The A-Frame cabin is accessible only by boat or ATV. The location is ideal for moose hunting or fishing because of its proximity to several other prime lakes. We can accommodate six fishermen or two hunters from here.

Johnson Lake

Accessible only by 4×4 truck, then hiking or ATV, then by boat, this cabin gives one a real sense of remoteness. The lake is full of rainbow trout, and a short hike to a couple nearby lakes will get you into some real lunkers! This is also one of our main moose hunting cabins. Six fishermen or four hunters can stay here.

Kennedy Lake

Set on the edge of a non-motorized area, you can ATV to this cabin but all the good hunting and fishing takes a strong set of legs and an iron will. It may be tough to access but the hunting is exceptional. The rustic log cabin can accommodate four fishermen or two hunters.

Nulki Hills

This hunting cabin is set in a meadow right int he middle of some of the best moose habitat around. The ATV ride to the cabin is very rugged and not for the faint of heart. The large number of meadows makes the area perfect for archery moose hunting in the rut. The cabin can accommodate up to four hunters at a time.

Rona Lake

This cabin might be on a lakeshore, but it’s tough to see. We like it that way though, because the moose hunting on Rona is exceptional right from the cabin window. It is ATV accessible and can accommodate two hunters.

Little Moose Lake

Our hunting cabin here is ATV accessible only, and while there are no fish in this small lake, a short ATV ride will get you to Gluten Lake where there are plenty of fish to go around. The cabin can accommodate three fishermen or two hunters.

Other Satellite Camps

We have satellite camps on Ghost Lake, Lang Lake, Duckfoot Lake and Hat Lake. These sites are used for wall tents as spike camps for hunting.

The wilderness awaits you...