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Three Moose Hunts Left!

By Dan Brooks

Three Moose Hunts still available in 2018!

Gary_2017_preview.jpegJohnson Lake Cabin - Bull Moose Rut Hunt

Sept 20 - Oct 1 – Available for 1 or 2 hunters

Oct 1 – Oct 12 – Available for 1 or 2 hunters

If you’re looking for a remote moose hunt – without having to work like a mule – look at booking your next moose hunt at Johnson Lake.  You might get lucky and shoot your moose right from the cabin, it’s been done a few times before, but more likely your guide will call your bull in on one of the nearby moose lakes or meadows.  Access to the cabin is by ATV, but once you’re settled in you won’t use the ATV again until you leave.  You’ll boat around Johnson Lake and make short or medium difficulty hikes into several lakes nearby where the bulls will be rutting.


Nate_2017_preview.jpegNulki Hills Cabin – Bull Moose Rut Hunt 

Sept 20 – Oct 1 – Available for 1 or 2 hunters

All Terrain Vehicles were made for places like the Nulki Hills – most hunters enjoy the ATV riding as much as the moose hunting!  Our trail network in this remote wilderness will give you access to hundreds of square miles of raw moose territory.  You’ll also have the option to hunt from the outpost cabins at Rona Lake or Little Moose Lake.  This hunt is ATV intensive – but you won’t be hunting from one.  The ATV will get you close, but then you’ll need to hike short or medium difficulty trails where your guide will be calling those rutting bull moose into the meadows.  


Bull Moose Rut Hunt Prices

$6500 – Two hunters with one guide (price per hunter)

$7900 – One hunter with one guide

Hunting license ($180), Moose Tag ($250) and 2.5% GSTax not included.  Inquire about which discounts are available to you.


Call Dan Brooks (604) 629-9836 

or reply to this email to book your moose hunt now!

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