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Tip #2 – Don’t Just Make Moose Calls, Be The Moose.

By Dan Brooks

Moose can be hard to find, and harder to hunt if you don’t know how.  If you want to be a great moose hunter, start by being a great moose. Learn everything you can about moose themselves - their habitat, their calls, their rutting behavior – then turn that to your advantage by inserting yourself into the middle of their rut and be the moose that brings in the bull.

I don’t have time here to teach you everything, but I’ll give you a teaser.

Most moose vocalizations, and yes there are dozens of them, are formed around one basic sound which can be phonetically spelled “eerugh”.  Cow calls put the emphasis on the front end, “EEeeerrrrrrugh”. Bulls put the emphasis on the back end “erUGH”. To learn to call, start by learning how to make the “eerugh” sound, and then once you’ve perfected that, learn how to change it to make the other calls.

Now learning what calls to make and when, that’s the subject for a book I’m writing.

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