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Canadian Moose Hunts

Come, enjoy the thrill of calling in a bull moose, the quiet of a remote wilderness, the pleasure of good food and new friends. It’s more than just a hunt, it’s a moose experience.


At Crystal Lake Resort, we are passionate about calling moose, and we want to share that passion with you. Every experience calling in a bull is unique, and no matter how hundreds of moose we’ve called in, we get excited about it every time.

Calling in moose is our specialty. Crystal Lakes is a remote wilderness covered by dense forests with dozens of lakes, swamps, and meadows. Our network of hiking and ATV trails cover hundreds of miles of prime moose habitat. All hunt dates are exclusively done in the rut so your guide can call your bull out of the safety of the timber and into close range - sometime very very close!

We’ve been moose hunting the Crystal Lakes for more than 40 years. We know moose and we know our territory, and that kind of experience is irreplaceable - it’s why our success rates are between 70-90%. Canadian Moose will reach upwards of 56” wide, with an average bull around 40”.

Join us, and let us make your hunt a moose experience you will never forget.

Rates And Dates

10-Day Rut Hunts

This is the premium hunt. The rut gives us the advantage to call bulls out of the security of the timber. These hunts are designed to provide the maximum opportunity at bulls. Success rate is 90% on any bull.

Trophy Moose Rut Hunt

1 hunters with 1 guide

$7900 + fees  
September 20 - October 1 October 1 - October 12

Bull Moose Rut Hunt

2 hunters with 1 guide

$6500 + fees Per person pricing
September 20 - October 1 October 1 - October 12


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A collection of Crystal Lake

Moose Stories

Guiding My First Trophy Moose
By Dan Brooks

Over the years many hunters have asked me where's my favorite place to hunt moose, and after their scowls go away when I say "In the woods" I tell them it's Cateye.   Cateye has become a bit of a legend over the years.  Stories from Cateye have been know to grow legs and walk the streets of small cities and towns across America, even going into the homes of hunters where they've swelled bigger and bigger until the occupants burst out of the doors  to get fresh air - after all Cateye stories always end with bull, er I mean bull moose.  Just hearing about Cateye can be a little overwhelming for most people's imagination, but bear with me and read to the end.

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No Call Moose Call
By Dan Brooks

Over 20 years of guiding for moose I've called in hundreds of bulls.  I really like mimicking what a moose sounds like, and I'm really good at it.  And over many years, it's almost instinctual to respond to a moose.  You know what's harder than moaning like a cow moose though?  Not calling at all.  And that was the secret no call moose call that called in Stan's bull for him.

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The Last Five Minutes Are As Good As The First
By Dan Brooks

Ten days is a long time to hunt.  Most hunters are tagged out by five or six, but every once in a while a hunter goes the distance and doesn't get their bull until the last day.  Such was the case with Ryan.  Every bull I called in for him seemed to get the better of us before he could shoot it.  Time and again I called in a moose, and time and again it would give us the slip. 

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The wilderness awaits you...

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Booking Policies

Booking Policies
  • Call Dan Brooks at 250-944-0435 to book your hunt.
  • 50% deposit required when booking for the same year.
  • $500 deposit required when booking more than a year in advance.
  • 50% due by November of the year before the hunt.
  • Personal cheques are preferred.
  • Credit cards are not accepted.
  • 100% of the hunt price must be received by September 1st of the year of your hunt.
Cancellation Policy
  • We strongly urge you to purchase sportsman's travel insurance! This protects both you and the outfitter from loss due to an unexpected cancellation. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, you do so at your own risk.
  • No refunds. No exceptions.
  • Hunt may be tranferred to another hunter before September 1st.
  • $500 advance booking deposit may be forwarded to another year if notification is given by November 1st of the year prior to the original hunt.
  • Hunts forwarded to another year are subject to any price changes effective in that year.